You’re already in market, but something’s off.

Is your branding holding you back?

If the vibes are off with your design, marketing, or other creative but you’re not sure what exactly isn’t working, you could benefit from an audit.

The Ghostly Hand Brand Audit is split into 3 parts to assess the situation, critique what’s in market, and diagnose some possible problems.

How it works

Part design critique and part user experience walkthrough, our Brand Audit gives you an informed outside opinion on the impression your brand is giving.

Part 1:

Blind walkthrough

We’ll record our 10-minute first impression of your brand from the perspective of a new lead.

Attention spans are short and fragmented—can you grab someone’s interest in a short time?

Part 2:

Design critique

We’ll take a look at your design, communications, and positioning with a professional’s point of view.

We’ll shed light on how your brand is perceived and how each component contributes to that perception.

Part 3:

Key takeaways

Lastly, we’ll bring our walkthrough and critique together and summarize the findings so we can start to understand what your customers think and why.

Get action items and insights in 48 hours

When you purchase the Brand Audit, you receive:

$555.55: Book your audit now!

*48 hours during the workweek — we need our downtime! Inquiries received over the weekend will receive invoices the following Monday.